Learn the basis of a healthy nutrition

Resetting your body is not another diet but preparing your system for a whole new lifestyle.

You will learn

  • To nourish your body with plant-based wholefoods
  • To understand that being healthy doesn't mean to starve
  • To cook/prepare delicious meals
  • To reconnect with your body and listen to him

The first 28 days you will be fully equipped with meal plans, recipes, tips, grocery list and nutritional guidance. But this doesn't mean that you won't have to work.

It will be hard, but it will be worth it!

After these 28 days I won't leave you alone. It's then, when the crucial part of your new lifestyle starts.
Depending on your healthy goals, we will slowly transition to a more flexible nutrition. You will be able to take your learning from the first phase and build your new way of living on top of it.

No more dieting, No more Jo-Jo effect

Even after you have managed your transition phase I will be available for further support. Your new lifestyle is a journey and you won't get through it, without any struggles or setbacks. Don't lose your motivation or forget everything you've learned. Just send me a message and together we bring you back on track


Let's start today.

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First session will be free of charge, I'll share some more details with you about the program and we get to know each other.