Keep the energy running

Wanting to keep that energy within you during busy times as a workaholic or avid multi- tasker? Good news, exercise is the perfect complement to help you sustain that positivity and drive!

Exercise has numerous health benefits

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved lipid profiles which reduces cholesterol levels
  • Hormone regulation
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat mass
  • Weight control
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased bone density which lowers risk of osteoporosis

The list goes on and on.  A lot of times, I receive comments from people complaining that they are too tired from work or have had a long day to even think about exercise. I get that sometimes the body IS too exhausted from long days and accumulative stress, and during those times you definitely need the rest and sleep more. However, this cannot be the situation every single week.

You can start off by making use of your weekends.  Simple activities like taking walks or find something you like to do that requires movement.

Another thing about the word ‘exercising’ is the perspective that everyone immediately thinks of:  circuits, weights, gym, sweating excessively, jumping, high heart rates etc. This is something that naturally comes to our minds when we think about how we should start working out in order to shed some sedentary fats. 

However, fitness also involves mind body activities like yoga, pilates, taichi, meditation, active stretching, foam rolling, etc. This could even be done in your bedroom! Stick a mat in your room in plain sight or place some resistance bands or straps that are easy to use in your house or workplace. You would be more inclined to think of stretching out your body or do some light yoga routines if the tools are in your view.

Start off doing simple stretches, search for good ones online, or simply find some good breathing activities to do. Fitness does not always have to be extremely intense, it must start from somewhere. For you, that somewhere could be as simple as learning how to breathe in order to ignite our inner fire. You can actually fire up your core with this breathing exercise and center just by doing rapid exhales and engaging your abdomen. 

Increasing your core temperature is actually the first step to warming up your muscles and your body.

Some people then have the feeling of wanting to sweat more once they are fired up, so they would get themselves into a yoga workout or some core exercises.

Get yourself situated with good routinely habits. Once you actually feel more connected to your body and know what is good for you, exercise might be become an integral part of you to stay connected with your drive and feel good.