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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
— Helen Keller

Melissa Dorai


Melissa started out her journey towards holistic health from a fitness perspective a year ago. After falling in love with exercises and learning that she could be a motivation to people, she decided to go toward her passions and entered the fitness and health industry. Attaining her personal trainer certification in January, Melissa is now a Fitness Instructor at Pure Fitness Singapore.

Seeking to complement the fitness aspect, she is currently studying to become a certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Melissa is incredibly passionate and believe truly in the power of the gut and our own bodies to nourish and strengthen us from the inside. She believes we can truly work to our true purpose and vision in life with the right energy and tools. Working together with Dominique, they are willing to share fully about food, fitness, lifestyle changes and everything else to empower you to be the best self that you can be! 

Dominique Rauber-Musey


Nutrition has always been part of Dominique's life - sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a wearing way. Over time she has learnt so much about healthy food and what nourishing your body really means. Her health journey has definitely not ended and with this blog/article page she wants to share all her knowledge with you. Dominique strongly believes that nutrition influences not only your body but also your mood. Nurturing your happiness with the right food can change the way you live.

You can try any diet you like but unless you provide your body and especially your gut with the accurate nutrients, you won't succeed. Changing your eating habits is not a thing you do for three months - it is a lifestyle change. 

With Melissa Dominique has found a great partner to share with you informative articles about nutrition, exercise and mental health. Feel free to leave us a comment or ask questions.