Clear Clutter - Make Space for You

Simple cleaning tips for a tidy home (Source: Wikimedia)

You might not want to hear this, but keeping a household neat and tidy is the key to living well and consciously. How so, you may ask?
Given a scenario, a woman who gets out of bed to a messy wardrobe and clothes strewn all over the floor; she is unable to find an outfit to wear and ends up being late for work.
Being late means she does not find the time to have breakfast nor does have the time to groom herself properly. She goes out of the house in a hurry, and starts the day in a panicked mode.
At work, she gets hungry but waits till lunchtime. Hunger pangs can cause her to binge on unhealthy and processed foods and portion sizes that would lead to a food coma afterward, leading to unproductiveness and weariness of her job. She comes home to a dirty refrigerator, packed with expired food and the smell turns her off. Dinner ends up being a takeaway or canned food.

Looking at this situation, how many problematic areas are you able to see that affects her nutrition and lifestyle choices? What did it start with?
I will be focusing on the kitchen in this article. Given the woman’s home environment, her de-cluttered and messy environment sparked the beginning of a cycle.

  • Skipping breakfast does not kick-start her metabolism, the body ends up in ‘storage’ mode as it thinks she is starving.
  • Having poor choices for lunch because as humans, we are less likely to be able to make good choices especially when we are extremely hungry and stressed at the same time.
  • Binging and eating more to make up for a ‘lost breakfast’ is an extremely meager and incorrect way of thinking.
  • Coming home to a place where food itself is not appealing, it is no wonder she wants to close the door and opt for a takeout.

These observations might be exaggerated or too simple, and yet many of us have no doubt gone through at least half of them before. The pillars of living consciously in life are all linked and it is as simple as cleaning your home to propel yourself to a better living situation.


Interactive Exercise

Take a picture of your fridge and take note of what is in it. When you open the door, are you enticed to make a meal, to grab for the nearest chocolates or salami, or close the door immediately? Are there weird smells or expired foods that have been left at the back of shelves? Do you even know what is in your fridge?
Throw out anything that is old or processed. Give yourself a week or two to vamp up your nutrition and choose whole foods when you shop at the market. Come back and take a ‘after’ photo. How does your fridge or pantry look like now? How does it make you feel? Are you more connected to your food?

Having neat and tidy kitchens, refrigerators and pantries makes you motivated to eat well. Ever felt like you always wish that you want to make pretty smoothie bowls or beautiful foods that you see on social media? Wanting to try out that special superfood or some kind of grain or seed that seems interesting?

The truth is, these people who create beautiful enticing food have a solid stocked kitchen at home, enabling them to do this. The goal here is not to try and be an amazing chef, but to give yourself the options of feeding yourself whole and real foods too.

Give yourself a reason why you would want to make yourself a wonderful nutritious dish just for yourself, it may spur you into appreciating and embracing a more balanced lifestyle.

** If you need specific help with a pantry makeover, you may wish to contact Melissa at her email address.