Other countries, other food

Holidays are always something to look forward to, but nevertheless some people start to worry about their healthy diet and how to keep up with it on holidays. Every country brings their own culture and with it their own foods. Humans are creatures of habit and it can be difficult to adapt to new environment without troubles. Of course, holidays are meant to be fun and you shouldn't worry too much what you eat. However, I still believe that keeping some of your habits alive during your holidays, can help you to get the most out of it.

Day of Travel

If you are going to take a plane to reach your holiday destination, it can be difficult to stay healthy throughout your travel day. Most of us tend to get bad snacks on the way, which let our blood sugar levels spike and leave us feeling tired and bloated. Next time you are heading to the airport, keep in mind the following easy tips

  • Always bring a water bottle with you and stay hydrated. This seems like old hut but it's one of the most effective ways to keep your body healthy. Empty the bottle before you go through security check, but get it refilled before you board.
  • Pack some healthy snacks, which are allowed on a plane. Get some dried fruits and nuts, prepare yourself some energy balls, pack an apple or prepare your own granola bars.
  • If you have absolutely no time to get your own snacks, be mindful in what you pick at the airport. Maybe get a chicken wholegrain sandwich or some wholemeal wrap. But stay away from any processed food and swap your soda with water.

Hotel Breakfast

Buffets are some people's dream but some people's nightmare. The choice is so overwhelming, that you lose sight of your healthy habits. Keep the following tips close to you when approaching the buffet next time

  • Egg stations are always a safe bet. Get a poached or boiled egg (other varieties could be drained in oil) add some vegetables like tomatoes or cucumber and enjoy it with a piece of brown toast (if not available, see if they have boiled potatoes)
  • At the muesli station stay away from any sugared cereals and yogurt. See if they have unsweetened natural yogurt, add some berries and if available some oats.
  • Always get some fruits instead of the fruit juices and hydrate with enough water

Of course, enjoy a croissant now and then but don't overboard with processed food just because it's a buffet.


Usually when traveling you tend to wake up a bit later, have a bigger breakfast (I know, this depends on the style of your travel) and don't take much time for lunch. Next time, do! Skipping lunch will leave your body feel tired and crave some sugar in the later afternoon. Having lunch doesn't mean you need to have a full meal, opt for something light, with lean protein and complex carbs. If you are staying in a hotel, you can always ask for some eggs with veggies to keep you full till dinner, or you get a light soup or some fish.

If you really had a big breakfast and all you did the whole morning is laying at the beach and enjoying the sun, you might just want to get a snack. Why not ask if you can have some fresh fruits? Or get a chicken sandwich to share with your travel partner.

Enjoy and Relax

Holidays are a way to destress, get to see other parts of the world and experience their culture. That also includes tasting local food. Try to get some balance between my tips above and diving into a new world of flavors and foods. Maybe take one meal each day, where you try some new food and the rest you stick to your healthy diet. Balance - hat also means that you should not totally forget about your healthy diet and go overboard.