No one is born a great chef, one learns by doing

According to Julia Child's quote cooking is something you learn by doing. And what's better than to do so during a cooking class. 7 passionate ladies joined me on May 19th to learn meat free cooking and how to replace the daily meet with protein and fiber loaded legumes and pulses.

Everyone was highly motivated to create delicious food and increase their knowledge on plant based food. All the dishes turned out amazing and we enjoyed a great lunch together, sharing our favorite grocery stores and restaurants in Singapore.

Thank you to everyone who participated for your great energy and motivation.


The Menu

Less than three hours - all it takes

Time efficient and healthy are key ingredients to fit cooking into a busy lifestyle.

For some people cooking is art and they can spend hours in the kitchen creating the most creative and delicious meals. But for most people, cooking needs to be quick that's why convenience food comes in handy. The goal of my cooking class was not to create a 5 star menu but to demonstrate that a healthy meal can be prepared in a time efficient way. We prepared the full above menu in less than 3 hours, coming up with four starters, two mains and two desserts.

Here are some more impressions of a successful and joy able cooking class

Cooking is something everyone can learn and everyone's health will benefit from cooking their own dishes. You know what is inside your meal, no hidden additives, no hidden sugar or preservatives. It also helps to appreciate the food you eat and experience different flavors. For some people getting their groceries done upfront might seem like an obstical to get started. But nowadays this isn't an accetale excuse anymore. So many companys offer online shopping with free delivery so that your grocerys are right in front of your door step ready for you to be cooked. Start with easy recipes like this Quinoa Risotto with Spinach or make the Vegan Lentil Burger as done so by the participants of my cooking class.

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