Dieting - a never ending cycle


"Shed body fat fast"


"Get your dream body in 40 days"

                     "Only 30 days away from your bikini body"


"8 weeks - it's all it takes"

These could be slogans for all the popular diets out there in the world. They usually promise a fast weight loss within a certain amount of days. But what they don't tell you - you can't keep up with them the rest of your life! So what happens after those 30, 40 days? You (most probably) fall back to your old habits and your weight is back up again.

What do most of these diets have in common:

  • They cut out or restrict certain macro-nutrients
  • They are heavily reduced in calories
  • They are bland
  • They are restrictive
  • They are not suitable for being social
  • They are not long lasting

I see lots of people either in real life or on social media trying this new diet and that new weight loss program. But already with their first meal they say/write things like "This meal prepping is so time consuming", "That salad over lunch tasted so bland", "My sad life starts today", "Where are my cookies", "I'm so hungry"...

If you really want to change your diet, lose weight for good and be healthy, it's time to realize that there is no quick fix. No restrictive diet will give you long lasting results nor provide your body with the necessary nutrients. It may work for the first few months but you'll soon see that those diets always have an end date. It's a pity that so many people, especially women, are always taken in by all those promises made by diet gurus. It's time that we start to understand, that we can and should eat and don't have to starve ourselves.

Believe me, cause I tried it (almost) all: Metabolic Balance (kind of a blood diet), Atkins, Low Carb, F45 challenge... you name it. It usually started promising. I lost some weight, felt energized and somehow happy and healthy. But combining those diets with a very strict workout regime soon ended with cravings for sweets, tiredness and moodiness. Usually within 3 -4 months I couldn't keep up with the diet anymore.

Getting out of the diet cycle

Jumping from diet to diet to just fall back to old habits again is something very common. It took me several years and an education as a nutritionist to realize what nurturing your body really means. Understanding what each macro nutrient does in our system, was key for me to break the diet cycle. Now I know that good carbohydrates are fuel for my workouts, fats will make me satisfied and proteins will help to repair my cells. There is no bad feeling anymore with that plate of pasta or slice of bread. I feel happy eating half an avocado as a snack because it prevents me from overeating at dinner.

But quitting dieting is something which needs time and especially lots of work for your psyche. It will take you several attempts to believe that eating right is better than eating less. Maybe you still see all those amazing transformation pictures from people doing the xyz diet and you might wanna give it a last try. But believe me - it might be a solution for 30 days, but never will it last your lifetime.

I strongly believe that our body needs all three macro-nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) and that we should get most of it from a plant-based diet. But I also believe that having some meat, fish, eggs, cheese now and then, will not do any harm to our bodies. You can call it balance, 80-20 rule or what ever you like.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestlye

In case you are part of this never ending diet circle and you finally want a way out of it, drop me a message and I'm happy to help you.

xo, Dominique