Why I don't make New Year's resolutions anymore

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We all have it, whether it's on a piece of paper or just in our head - the New Year's resolution list. Mostly it's associated with getting healthier.

  • Stop smoking
  • Go to the gym
  • Lose xy kilos
  • Go jogging every morning
  • Stop drinking
  • Stop eating chocolate
  • Stop drinking coffee

I used to have a list in my head every year, sometimes I even wrote it down. Most of my things on the list were either food or fitness related. Seeing all those restrictions made December a month of indulgence because I knew I can't have it come January 1st. Unfortunately January never turned out the way I wanted. One year there was a gathering planned with my friends on January 1st and I almost couldn't bear it because how can I start my resolution list with a "party" with alcohol and food? And then there is the fact that my birthday month happens to be January - so how could I stick to no alcohol, no sweets, no anything while a big birthday cake and party were waiting just two weeks into the new year?

You could jump with joy :)

You could jump with joy :)

The last couple of years we planned our vacation for January 1st and guess what? This was the best thing that could happen to me. Finally I stopped making New Year's resolutions and it took so much stress of my shoulder for the beginning of the year. It also made December so much easier because it was not the last chance to indulge anymore. I knew that I can still have a glass of wine in January and enjoy a piece of my birthday cake.

I totally understand that we all need to set ourselves goals and that the New Year is a perfect start date. Indulging too much in December makes us feel guilty come January. But what if your resolutions trigger your indulgence? Subconsciously you know that you can't have that beer anymore next month so better have five now.




When it comes to health and also your body weight you have to understand that there is no quick fix. It takes time and especially a change of your lifestyle. Once you allow yourself to change, there is no need to indulge during the festive period and so the health New Year's resolution are abundant.

And guess what? January 2018 we are going on holidays again and there is no guilt that I can't keep up with my resolutions list - because there is none. I do have plans for 2018 but they are long-term and don't need to start on 1.1.2018. And what's best, we are escaping the crowded gym phase. Once we are back, 80% of the My-Resolution-Was-Getting-A-Gym-Membership-People will have given up. Make sure your not one of them and make your health your lifestyle!