Healthy emlpoyees are productive employees

Corporate Talks

The way your employees feed themselves highly influences their work. During my talk I focus on the following points:

  • Importance of food for your brain
  • How to avoid the afternoon slump
  • The role of water for your body
  • Healthy snack options

The session is accompanied by food samples and if desired a lunch from nearby restaurant can be organized.


Individualized Consultations

Everyone is different and every body reacts differently to food. That’s where individualized consultations can help to target specific needs.

I offer corporate discounts and conduct my consultations within the company’s premises (if space allows)


My workshops give participants the opportunity to learn how to prepare:

  • A healthy and nutritious breakfast in a time efficient way
  • Guilt free snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth

As all my food can be prepared without oven/stove the workshops can be done at the company’s premises, preferably in a meeting room with a big table.