Dominique the „Supportive - inspirational - expert“

The past two months, Dominique has helped me understand the importance of a balanced diet. That there is a way to enjoy food and feeling good about yourself. It’s a long journey but with Dominique at my side I‘m ready to take one step at a time and overcome my fears. Thank you for being supportive and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I wouldn‘t be where I am today without her.
— Daniela W., November 2017

Dominique was perfect to understand my problems. Not only did she give me nutrition advice but also understood how I felt when I needed my comfort food. She helped me to slowly change my habits step by step. In six months, I changed the way I see food for good.
— Pauline V. September 2017

For years I thought in order to be healthy I had to restrain myself and overtrain. After my sessions with Dominique I understood what it means to fuel my body and make good choices that have a positive impact on my life
— Maria B. July 2017

Working with Dominique made me see food differently. Understanding food consumption as a source of not only energy but most importantly health. It’s not about a diet but rather understanding what type of food will make your body feel better
— Mauricio B., March 2017

Consulting as it should be: friendly, informed & result-oriented. It is my pleasure to recommend Dominique to anyone taking on the challenge of getting in shape.
— Jan B., July 2015

Working in the airline business for five years took a toll on my body - constant jetlag and irregular eating times don’t help. In just a few consultations, Dominique showed me better ways to eat and excercise. Love the new me.
— Pascal L. , August 2015

Even though I’ve already studied a few nutrition books, Dominique was able to highlight areas of improvement. Her tips have helped me to change my diet and stay healthy through out my pregnancy.
— Melanie G., July 2015